September-October, 2006
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HE. Suwat Liptapanlop, HE. Pongpol Adireksarn, HE. Adisai Bodharmik, HE. Chaturon Chai-sang, and HE. Rung Keodang.

In August, 2004, Prof. Char-monman was elected Chairman of e-ASEAN Business Council. At that time, the Thai Government has not passed the eLearning decree. So, Prof. Charmonman tried to get help from ASEAN. He proposed to the ASEAN Ministers that eLearning ve promoted by all ASEAN member countries and the Ministers agreed.

Prof. Charmonman sent many letters to the authorities. On 23 September 2002, he sent a letter to the Minister requesting permis-sion for AU to offer eLearning. On 15 September 2003, he sent a letter to the Prime Minister to speed up the eLearning decree. On 14 March 2005, he sent another letter to the Prime Ninister that Cambodia was ahead of Thailand on eLearning and Thailand should pass the eLearning decree as soon as possible to be ahead of Cambodia, Similar to the case of the US trying and succeding in being ahead of USSR after the sputnik incident.

After 3 years, 5 ministers, and many revisions of the e-Learning law, it was published in the Royal Gazette in October 2005. AU became the first to offer a complete eLearning degree program in January 2006, i.e. Master of Science in Management and Prof. Charmonman was the Program Director. In May 2006, AU also offered 3 more eLearning degree programs, namely, M.Sc. in Information and Communication Technology, M.Sc. in eLearning Methodology, and Ph.D. in eLearning Methodologly The Ph.D. program is the first such Ph.D. in the world. Then, in June 2006, the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, Uk, named Prof. Srisakdi Charmonman the Father of Thai E-Learning.



Asian Computer Man
of the Year
Father of Thai Internet


C-11 Professor
CEO, College of Internet Distance Education


Srisakdi Charmonman IT Center Assumption University of Thailand