September-October, 2006
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1937. Born a son of H.E. Phraya Nitisastra Baisalya (Mr. Von Charmonman) Former Deputy Secretary-General on Foreign Affairs to HM King Rama VII, Former Minister of Justice, Former Acting Prime Minister, etc.

1964. The first Thai to earn a Ph.D. in Computer field (From Georgia Tech, USA).

1970. The first Thai to use the Internet (As Director of Graduate Studies in Computer Science at the University of Missouri, USA).

1973. The first Thai to do eLearning (As a full professor at State University of New York).


1981. Voted "Asian Com-puter Man of the Year" and appeared on the front cover of Computer-Asia, published in Hong Kong.

1988. The first Distinguished professor of Engineering in Thailand (C11, the highest level in government services, one level higher than provincial Governor).

1998. Called "The Father of Internet in Thailand" by Bangkok Post, Yuppy, GM, Immage, Smart Jobs, and Nation.

2002. Founder, Board Chair-man and CEO, College of Internet Distance Education, Assumption University of Thailand.


2002. Drafted the first eLearning law in Thailand, later published in Royal Gazette in Octoger 2005.

2004. Assumption University constructed "Srisakdi Charmonman IT Center" as the seat of eLearning (12 floors, 12,000 square meters, 17 million US$)

2006. Program Director of the first full-degree program in eLearning mode in Thailand (master of Science in Management).

2006. Named "Father of Thai E-Learning" by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, United Kingdom.