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SEAMOLEC visited Prof.Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman, July 5, 2006.

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Visited College Of Internet Distance Education Assumption University, Bangna, Thailand

SEAMOLEC Director, Dr.Suciati, and Mr. Abubakar Alatas visited The College of Internet Distance Education (CIDE), Assumption University, Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand on 5 July 2006. Joined with SEAMOLEC Director are SEAMEO Secretariat Director and His Deputy Directors. We have discussed with Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman the prospect of e-Learning in Southeast Asia, and visited the facilities of CIDE.

The College of Internet Distance Education (CIDE) is an educational institution offering accredited degree programs from worldwide universities as well special courses to anyone who would like to study interesting topics online. CIDE will offer eLearning to 100,000 students per year. The College is aimed to provide “One Stop Services for Worldwide EEducation for Anyone, from Anywhere, and at Any Time”. For everyone who wants to improve hi/her knowledge and upgrade himself/herself by eLearning.

The purposes of the College are to serve the country by allowing those are interested in education to continue their studies conveniently, no matter from where and when; to organize short courses for those who are interested; to promote Life-Long Learning by using the Internet; to provide opportunities for special group of people i.e. the blind, the deaf, the handicaps to gain higher degrees or IT skill; and to expand Assumption University from traditional classroom-based education to Internet-based distance education. The programs of the CIDE are Mater of Science in Management (Classroom and Online Mode), and Master of Science in Information and Community Technology (Classroom and Blended Mode).

The college is located at “Srisakdi Charmonman IT Center (SCIT Center). There are over 2,000 Internet terminals available in the building with all kinds of facilities to support eLearning, such as over 1,000 telephone lines to dial in, and mirror sites for degree programs from other countries. The facilities at SCIT Center are as follows: Office of the CEO of the College, Video ConferenceRoom and Mini-Theater; IT Training Room with 408 Computers Online; Computing Center Office, Training Room for the Blind, the Deaf, the Retired, and Gifted Kids; Computer Labs and Internet Access Room; Seminar Rooms and Incubator; College of Internet Distance Education (Main Student Lounge); Coursware Development Center;Exrcutives of the College and Staff in the Office of the VP-IT; Assumption University TV Station (ATV); and ATV Staff Office.


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